Resource Management


Gerema (Geographic Resource Management)

Gerema was developed by CCS and GIS specialists to simplify and automate everyday GIS tasks in an efficient manner providing substantial cost saving reductions in labour.  Gerema also closes the knowledge gap between GIS and non-GIS users.  Gerema’s unique functions and features allow more users to harness the power of spacial data without having to be technically savvy with GIS commands and processes.  For seasoned GIS specialists, Gerema can also be customized allowing even greater flexibility.  The underlying core of the Gerema system enforces data integrity ensuring spatial and tabular data are properly managed.  Gerema’s overall design allows for data exchange with almost any type of data set providing the utmost in flexibility.  Any data can be imported into Gerema can also be exported.

Gerema is a standalone application that is designed using ESRI ArcEngine architecture.  The interface is separated into three components; Gerema Application, Management, and Reporter.  Gerema has three optional extensions; MapCast, Mobile, and Forestry.  Gerema has been created using an innovative underlying structure utilizing personal or file geodatabases as a framework eliminating the need for an enterprise level database.  Gerema can be installed on a laptop or standalone computer for a single user or on a server for greater network access to corporate data in a multi-user environment.


  • Multi-user  editing and layout environment
  • Customizable data structure
  • Dynamic multisource report designer
  • User defined functions
  • Advanced planning controls
  • Interoperability
  • Spatial database queries
  • Operational rule system
  • GPS data collection utility
  • Automated cartographic assistant with tabular embedment

For more information, please visit the Gerema Website